Sirus Dark Website

The website

This hand coded website serves many purposes; a centralized place for ideas, concepts, web designs, prototyping, portfolio, designs, resources and information gathering, to learn/try new things and much more!

Feel like sending a feedback or suggestions? Please do so! It's always appreciated.

The Dark Family

The Dark Family is a group of talented people working together or individually on different projects (think free-lance mercenaries) using pseudonyms and virtual entities to fulfill contracts submitted to The Dark Project. Mostly per invitation, Dark members are chosen for their teamwork affinities and dedication to quality work.



Is a production sound engineer (video games, films, post-production, audio mix, sound design, name it...), a user experience (UX) tester, an artist, a quality maniac, an improver and much more. He's also an autodidact who seeks knowledge like a thermally guided missile aimed at the sun.

Check out his SoundCloud account to listen to audio creations with messed up category tags! (updates in progress): Sirus on SoundCloud. On DeviantArt, find drawings, customized wallpapers and art stuff: Sirus on DA


Sound engineer (post-production, audio mix, video clips), web designer...[ Full description coming soon ]