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Except where otherwise noted, all creations, work, code or anything created by Dark members or the Dark Project, are copyrighted to their respective Dark Authors and creators.


If and only if permission is granted, derivative of our work must be attributed as follow, making sure it doesn't suggests our endorsement to you or your use of the work:
-Clearly state that the original or source is by us. (Ex.: Dark member's name: "Sirus Dark" or the Dark Project "The Dark Project")
-Have a visible hyperlink to the original/source's webpage. IF the original work is not available online, link back to this website "".


If something is not clear or if you need/want permission for something, please contact us. It will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

Intellectual Property

Original content created for or by the Dark Project, belong to their respective Dark Authors and creators. Due credits are always given, including royalties when applicable.


-The Dark Project belongs to Sirus Dark.
-Sirus logo belongs to Sirus Dark.
-The Daily Wallpapers belong respectively to and
-The valid XHTML and CSS icons are by Roberto from (13.02.2009), free for use on both personal and commercial sites.
-Mass Effect characters belong to Bioware.
-All applications, companies, logos, trademarks, copyrights, etc. that aren't ours, belong to their respective owners.

All statements are subject to change and are under constant writing. Only publicly available policies are displayed here. Internal policies may also apply. Updated on February 9th 2013.